Tuesday, December 7, 2010

... its 3 AM and I'm not sleepy. I have things to say. i'll shoot em' your way

spirituality, communality, lets look and see the words that be. come to thee, from thee. out to thee.
Kabuki dance Kabuki sing, drama queen or reality in between. Dance Drama Dance.
Sing drama sing. Thoughts in between. Smile forrrr me. Let me be. Thou shaw see.
lets enjoy this, lets celebrate this. commonalty and sensuality.
no religion needs to be, just celebration of the spiritual essence inside of thee. LET IT SHINE! KNOW THAT IT IS MINE! it is yours, it is ours. Nothing belongs to everyone, everyone belongs to nothing. Truth is here always and forever. Your It, Your It. Sing it proudly know it loudly, let the thoughts be, accept that which you see know it is not thee. Pointing back to source you are, to allow your selves to see that mystery that rests within thee. MANIFEST REALITY, HERE NOW , HERE NOW, HERE NOW, HERE NOW BE HERE NOW. CRY THE TEARS!!! CRY THE TEARS! release the emotion, release the unneeded allow that which you are to be. Let the words point. Don't define them, dont let them define you.
 STS9 until the end of time, resonating that in you which is eternally divine. Know within yourself tree of of life, flower of life. YOUR IT YOUR IT. allow it allow it allow it. DONT LISTEN TO THE WORDS< LET THEM POINT ! let them point let them be....
Reality doesn't sleep. Always in motions, yes that of the ocean, but not of water you see. The eternal energy that is you and me. Not resting to take time, but creating in energetic intertwine, potentiality... is this real or just consciousness all over again ? So real, it is you that is the only real thing, but thing you are not. everything/nothing perfect balance. Who am I? what is this? who cares. It LOVES ITSELF UNCONDITIONALLY. I LOVE YOU, for you are me. That which is you i see in me. Know this journey will always be, until truth be told and set you free. Jesus, Samadhi, Krishna, Maharaji. Buddha, Ghandi all in the same family, here for humanity, CANT YOU SEE.!! no separation, not crazy just out of mind where one should be!. lets be lets be always in this reality. I'm done, will never be done. Always creating the reality that which will always be. Help me raise the frequency. So our family and friends can come with us to the next reality! noone left behind NOONE LEFT BEHIND!!!!! : ( turn it up side down : )  paradigm shift. HERE NOW.

I love you, eternally grateful for being, here now. to give life to itself. that which has always done, been, and forever will be. .
Thank you for seeing yourself in me. Thank you for allowing this reality to be.
Here for me? only selfishly. no desire for me can you see? all about you and this divine reality.
Namaste......    What is Love >Your It> This Us.

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